Let’s have some autumn fun! Choose any green leaf or green branch from your stash and open it in PS (photoshop). It has to be GREEN in order to show you how to apply autumn colors to it!

Get the free overlays (below) and put one above the green leaf. You can also use overlays from your stash, but these here are perfect to change the color of a green leaf!

  • Open Photoshop new document (3600x3600x300)
    add your greenery and on the layer above add the overlay (experiment with all the 4 overlays that I created for you!)

  • Create Clipping Mask

  • Set the Blend Mode to Hard Light. Play with the different modes, in order to find the one you like. You can also rotate the overlay and duplicate it with another blend mode like I did. In this example I used Hard Light and Linear Burn with different opacity setting.

  • You can also recolor any Stamped or Brushed image. Add a second overlay (different from the first one) like my example here below. I used hard light 100% with both layers.

PapierStudio’s product used in this tutorial:

Pick up the Freebie today & try this technique out for yourself!