This world is in chaos, turmoil. It is reflect in my heart and my mind. The thoughts whirl, the anger ebs & flows. Most nights I can’t sleep. What is happening?

I am a firm believer in good. All things are good, all people are good. Things happen for a reason. Things come together to bring us to a good place. Sometimes you have to go through the tough stuff to come out better & stronger at the other end of the tunnel. I believe that.

I also know that most religions, philosophies, believe that good is balanced with evil. Yin & Yang. God & Devil. I have always refused to believe that bad is balanced by good. I have always believed that the good outweighs the bad. Not just a little, but heavily, exponentially even, more good than bad.

2020 is trying to teach me I am wrong.

I read somewhere, before George Floyd was murdered, before riots, chaos & destruction, that now was the time for our voices to be heard. We are living in extraordinary times. A world pandemic is exceedingly rare, people go a lifetime not living through the times we are living in right now. Everything we do or say that is of public record will make a part of history, however small. Speak your part. Remember this time. Whether it’s recorded, written or in art.

I propose that we make our voices heard. I propose that we let our art speak for us. Our community is built on a common love of scrapbooking, art and documenting memories. I think now is the time for us to speak up and say it with art.

There are details in the forum. This is my voice. My art.

I used: BM June 2020 {Kit}Rain Drops { Page Kit }Forgotten on the Moon {Scrap Kit } | by Valentina’s Creations both fonts are by Eduardo Recife (Misprinted Type) and the poem is by John O’ Donohue