Fonts are an integral part of the look & feel of any digital scrapbooking page. When I first started out, I looked for kits with word strips, word art, font art already done for me. Now, it’s my favorite part of creating a layout on my own.

This past year fonts have gotten even more handwritten, brush-y, and grungy then in previous years. I think all of us like the look of handwritten on our pages, even if the handwriting isn’t ours. Join me on a journey to find some of the funnest, most creative, fonts out there today.

I can’t go any further without a big shout-out to my favorite font Designer: Eduardo Recife of Misprinted Type. His grungy, visceral, fonts make a statement on a page simply by choosing his typography. His art is in a class of it’s own, his fonts are primarily free & amazing to work with. If you are creating an Art Journal page; if you are putting your feelings, your soul, on a page; you need his types.

For most layouts, his style may be a little too… shall we say dramatic? Still, that doesn’t mean handwritten, vintage, grungy or brush type fonts aren’t for you. These fonts lend a more personal, handcrafted touch to a layout. Something that can be missing from a digital scrapbook page.

One of my favorite new font trends is the brush stroke look. Wonderfully depicted here by scrapper AJM, using Jen Maddocks new January Bricolage.

Layout by AJM
Bricolage Monthly 2021 by Jen Maddocks Designs

Some of my favorite brush stroke fonts include:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the ubiquitous typewriter fonts. Now reimagined a little grungier than previous renditions, as showcased here in the wordstrip on Gina’s layout. She used the wonderful Light of Winter by Synergy Ink.

Layout by Gina
The Light of Winter by Synergy Ink

My favorite(est) typewriter fonts include:

The last, but not least, are the distressed script fonts. The normal scripted fonts with their swooshes & swirls, but aged. Vintaged. Maybe brushed, scribbles, scratched or, well, distressed.

Valentina used a couple of these fonts in her layout & fantabulous new collection: Lost in my Dreams

Layout by Val

Some of my favorite distressed script fonts include:

This is not a complete list. This is not even a comprehensive list! Font choices grow by the hundreds, if not thousands, every week. These are merely a handful of my personal favorites. Fonts I believe to be well-crafted, easy to use & a joy to see on our scrapbook pages.

Hit me up in the comments with your favorite fonts! And join me in our new free Layout-a-Day kicking off at 6:00 am (eastern time, Wednesday January 6, 2021). Our first prompt will feature… fonts!