Hi, Silke here.

Today I will show you how to create a spill out effect of a photo that spill out over the edges of a frame, using a mask, a doodle frame and a rectangular frame. Image from Pixabay.

You will need:

  • 2 background papers.
  • a photo mask
  • a photo frame
  • a doodle frame
  • a Photo
  • Open a new document
  • Add two papers for the background.
  • Resize and rotate the second paper to show off a little of the first background.
  • Add a soft drop shadow to the second paper. (see item 7)
  • Add a Mask above the papers; and then
  • Add a frame and/ or a doodle frame both above the mask.
  • Now drag and drop your Photo above the mask
  • Resize it; and then
  • Clip it to the mask
    go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask

Your project will look like this below:

  • Select the Frame layer.
  • In a non-destructive way we will add a Layer Mask to this frame layer.
  • Click on the little icon down in the layers palette; and
    choose >Add Layer Mask.
  • Select a soft round brush and set the foreground color to black.
  • Stroke the brush by hiding parts of this frame to make the photo spill out of the frame.
  • Repeat with the doodle frame:
    • select the doodle layer; and then
    • Add Layer Mask.
    • Finally brush out parts of the doodle that you want to hide.

HINT: when you change your mind, change the foreground color to white and the hidden parts will show again. That’s why I like to work in a non-destructive way!

I decided to add a color to the Doodle Frame.

  • Go to the Layer Palette bottom menu and, holding down the Alt key from your keyboard, click on the little round icon.
  • Choose the first option: >Solid Color.
    Important: Holding down the ALT key will let you choose to clip the color to the Doodle Frame by this window here below.
  • Check the option “Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask”. Then choose the color.

Anytime you want, you can change this Doodle Frame color by clicking on the color fill icon.

Finally add shadow to the frame.

  • Click on the Frame layer and use the little FX icon to add the shadow. (These same settings you can also use for the background papers).
  • These are my settings:
    • Blend Mode: Linear Burn
    • Opacity 34%
    • Angle 135
    • Distance: 10px
    • Spread: 0
    • Size: 15

Ready! Finalize your layout with beautiful embellishments.

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