For those of you into free stuff, just click the Studio Stash & run! It’s free. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to get a brandnew product every month to add to your Stash. For the rest of you, I have a little story to tell. It’s a repeat from when I first introduced our Studio Stash, back at the beginning of the Pandemic. I was going to write an all new story, but nothing much has changed. I’ll retell it again and show off our newest Studio Stash addition and all the wonderful gifts from the past year until now. All still available. All still free.

I’ve told the story of My Road to The Studio many times, but it’s really a chapter in my story. Once the Studio was mine, I had a business and a team of amazing women backing me up. What I wanted, more than anything, is to provide a business for women where they can put Family First.

For me, the Studio was a lifeline. I was unhireable. I was an Army wife who moved one time too many. I was a mom who had one kid too many. I wasn’t an exception, mine is a very common tale. Helming the Studio, being able to work from home in between school, practices, recitals, dinners & ER visits (5 boys, sigh, and a girl), helped me find myself again. I wanted to offer this flexiblity to other women.

I have accomplished this. My team knows they are family. They know the store is here, waiting for them, as they juggle the demands at home. It was time for me to focus on making digital scrapbooking more accessible for you. For our members, our customers, our loyal followers.

Especially now, in this terrible time, this worldwide pandemic. Now more than ever I wanted to make this amazing hobby more accessible & afforable. Digital scrapbooking is not just fun (it is!), and a great way to pass the time when we are stuck at home (it is!), it is also a way to leave our mark on the world. To preserve our stories for future generations.

We already offer free monthly challenges. These are great for inspiration, building digital scrapbooking skills, making new friends and earning our Monthly Store Collections. We already host a Layout-a-Day four times a year, with a free mini handed out daily. But. To participate in any of these, you need some supplies to get started.

Introducing the Studio Stash! Absolutely free. A fantastic way to start digital scrapbooking with some of our best products, by some of our best Designers. Free. Just. Free.

Even better? We are adding a new product every month. Free. This is my commitment to you. I want you to be able to escape, create, document, scrap and be a part of our community. The Studio Stash will allow you to always have digital scrapbooking supplies at your fingertips. Ready to go.


Defining Moment is our newest FREE Studio Stash gift. Designed by Ilonka Designs, an talented up & coming Designer here at The Studio.


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