It is almost time for the big, huge, massively anticipated release of Avatar The Last Airbender.  At least in our house.  At least by Dino.  And so the “arrow” has made it’s big return.  Combine that with the ir-removable rain(plastic) overalls & rain boots, well, it’s a joy to be out & about with the boy.

And now, this very weekend, we are off to Berlin for some sight-seeing, visiting some friends along the way (Hi Min!) and…. oh good Lord!  See, it’s all cute & adorable when I type in this space how he’s dressing as Ang & wearing raingear 24/7 but now, now I’m actually showing up live & in person with one of our scrap buddies.  It’s going to be real.  Real what I’m not sure, but I do know Min has a great sense of humor… I’m just afraid she won’t be able to stop laughing.  Ever.