One of the things that makes me incredibly angry is the completely unaffordable health care in the United States. Even with insurance, the bills are overwhelming. And then the actual sick part. Living day-to-day life is just about impossible. Trying to get dressed is sometimes impossible, forget cooking or shopping or cleaning or working.

Working is what pays the overwhelming bills. Working is what puts the food on the table. Here in Europe, almost everywhere for almost everyone, there is sick leave that extends to cover the sickness. In Holland that’s 100% pay for one year, though as I understand it even the 2nd year is pretty much 100% once things get adjusted for taxes (ie, less taxes get taken out of long term sick pay). In addition, there’s home health care available that extends to home health help…getting essential errands like grocery shopping & cooking done.

It’s not a perfect system. Taxes are higher. But man does it help when you are in a tight spot! And Miss Tiina is in a tight spot. Tina has stage 3c ovarian cancer. It is a battle now, and will be a battle for months if not years. Right now she needs as much help as she can get, and that’s where we come in. Together we can give her the peace of mind, the ability to put food on her table, and focus on healing.

Please read more from the SugarHillco family and consider buying the Spoonful of Sugar Grab Bag (commercial use items can be used on your layouts too!) or donating to the GoFundMe.

Spoonful of Sugar Grab Bag

We were all part of the SugarHillco family at one time or another. And although time has separated us into different stores, career paths, and retirement, we are a forever family that continues to love and support each other in times of need. Upon learning of Miss Tiina’s, ongoing battle with ovarian cancer we united again to create an exclusive grab bag to help raise much needed funds for her.

Miss Tiina’s battle has been and will continue to be very costly and physically challenging, with her specific type of ovarian cancer having a 5 year survival rate of 39%. She is currently facing the physical challenges with determined grit. And, of course, some days are better for her than others, with her bad days creating a difficult loss of income because she is too ill to be creative, which is her primary source of income.

(You can read more about Miss Tiina, including personal updates, on her GoFundMe page:

With your heartfelt support we can make a difference, TOGETHER we are STRONGER and hope that ‘a spoonful of sugar’ will make it easier too.

Our CU Bag is exclusively available at Miss Tiina’s store here, with every sale going directly towards helping her.

The designers who created this CU Bag offer the following products:

Bekah E – Painterly Textures 00
Mixed Media by Erin – Cameos Vol. 2
Eyeinspire – All Hearts for Tina Font
GS Creations – Sugar Florals Patterns
KimB Designs – Blooms for Tina Patterns
LouCee Creations – Crochet Leaves
Mommyish – Chipboard Layer Styles
Rachaels Scraps – Friendly Time Doodles
Wendy Page Designs – Bling 52

Much love from the Sugar Girls