Merry Christmas all!
Christmas is about many things to many people, for me it is about love, family and the spirit of giving.   One of my biggest blessings is the awesome group of women I work with.  Every single one of them has a heart of gold and a willingness to give way beyond the call of duty.  My biggest regret is having a “worldwide” office, and not one where we all share a cubicle on the same floor.
Advent Calendars play a big part in my family.  I wanted to bring a little bit of that excitement, that joy, to all of you.  Once again my Designers have come together to bring all of you a little bit of goodness.  Our Advent Calendar will update daily, now through Christmas, with a new little coordinating gift.
Each Designer featured daily in our Advent Calendar, will also be hosting the DOTD!  A delicious double whammy of goodness.  Up at batter first is the creative genius behind Angel Hartline Designs.  Angel lives up to her name.  She creates beautiful, soft, gorgeous products that just make me go “Oooooooooo”.
Today you can order her breathtaking Holiday Madness for 70% off!

Introducing: eqrAveziur Graphic & Design

Hi all!
I’m excited to formally introduce our amazing new designer Eva: eqrAveziur Graphic & Design.  Eva sells in both our personal & commercial use stores.  Her work is clean, gorgeous and full of life!  I’m delighted to have her on our crew.
Eva is from Madrid, Spain.  She constantly apologizes for her poor English, but, honestly, I can only dream of my Spanish being as good as her English.  I sat down with her recently to get to know her a little better.  Here’s our little interview for all of you to get to know the talent behind eqrAveziur.
Tell us a little about you, your family, your life at home, away from scrapbooking?
We have a good and calm life in a small city to the suburbs of Madrid, where we make all our life, purchases, cinema, college, medical…
I am SAHM and husband is in the army and he has now a marvellous schedule of work, for what it allows us to pass more time together and to be both available for when our son Carlos come back from the school.
We are a very small family, for what our life passes together with our friends and their families.
What inspired you to begin desinging for digital scrapbooks?
The colors, incredible but truth. I am charmed with seeing pages of design, of decoration and of construction of colors swaches. When I see a set of colors that I like, immediately it gives to me an idea for some design, though not always I manage to form this idea in the design lol
What do you love to design the most?   That when it’s finished on  your screen, you swell up with happiness?
I am charmed with altered art, though I am not sure that I’m doing this. To change the colors and textures to a photo. But not always I am satisfied with the result. I have to stop myself because if not I would never stop working with the same element. In general, when I finish a design I’m satisfied, but when I turn to seeing again, there happen to me other many ways of making it different
Do you have any new, exciting products out, or coming out soon?
Yes, certainly. I have my kit of Christmas almost finished. It is a kit full of happiness, with brilliant colors and many elements to play with. I believe that it’s going to be a great kit. I have also many ideas and notes on other many topics to design, but very a little time to develop it. Certainly, I have thousands of ideas for new packaging in my CU store.
Eva has created a wonderful freebie for all of you to get to know her & her design style.  Just click to download & enjoy.