Every year since 2010, The Studio Design Team has banded together to create one, huge, stunning Christmas collection for all you.  Collect each gift every day leading up to Christmas. This Advent Calendar is our way of saying”

“Merry Christmas from all of us at the Studio to all of you! ❤”

Every day during the holidays, a brand new piece will unlock. Add it to your cart and use coupon code “ADVENT” during checkout to get it FREE! You can view detailed instructions here.

Note: Each piece is free for 48 hours only. Rather than using a traditional 24-hour, one-day gift, we use the 48 hours to cover all time zones on the planet.  This means everyone from Austria, to America, to Argentina, to Australia has the opportunity to get each daily gift.

This year our theme is the stunning Pointsettia. This gorgeous plant, with it’s colorful leaves, warms up our homes every holiday season with it’s cheerful bouquet. During Advent, collect each daily gift to build a stunning kit.

According to Mexican lore, a young child, Pepita, did not have a gift for the baby Jesus at a Christmas Eve service. She was penniless, so all she could do was pick a bouquet of weeds to offer. The angels felt compassion for her plight. So, after Pepita set the flowers at the crèche of the nativity on Christmas Eve, the angels transformed the weeds into beautiful red flowers. This is why red and green are the colors of Christmas today.


Kicking it off this year is Jen, Jen Maddocks Designs. Every day, as an extra little Christmas surprise, each Designer is featured in our store with a special 1-day sale.