Good morning!

Actually it’s afternoon.  But we are so out-of-whack here at home that good morning it is.  Even the baby is sleeping till after 9 a.m.  This is going to make for a very, very rough morning tomorrow.  Of course only poor Christian has to go back to school, but even if he is already 18 he’s going to need a little help getting going.  That first day back at real life after the holidays is just a bear.

We are just about on our way out.  It is stunningly gorgeous in southern Germany today.  Something I would totally show off if my darling husband hadn’t jacked my baby, my camera, my canon.  I’m not truly mad.  He’s off with his dad fulfilling one of Papa’s dreams.  My FIL is a big World War II buff.  Today Rommel’s grave, and possible Dachau, are on the itinerary.  While Rommel’s grave would’ve been okay for the kids I don’t think they, or even me, are up to Dachau.  In fact, a lot of the tour is not allowed for children under 12.  I do believe in kids learning history but some things are too much at a young age.  Heck, they are too much at an old age.

So we are off to play outside.  There’s still a huge pile of snow blanketing the outside and yet the sun is out & the air is warm.  A perfect day for building forts, igloo’s, throwing snowballs and sledding.  A perfect day for taking beautiful shots.  If I had my camera.  Which I don’t.  But if I did, I would take pictures and scrap them with our new January Mega Kit: Dreamy Winterland now on sale at theStudio.

And because freebies are always fun.  And I really felt like playing a little… before going out to play.   A little freebie for y’all to enjoy the wonders of our Dreamy Winterland.  Just click to download & enjoy.