I always say: “CU (grab bags) are great for PU too!” Today I’m going to prove it! I made a layout using only our iNSD CU Grab Bags and I couldn’t be more in love. Plus. This is a one-of-a-kind, all made by me, layout. I didn’t use a kit, I grabbed CU from so many Designers, it’s a layout that’s truly unique.

Many of our templates are available for PU or CU use. I grabbed the Templates Grab Bag by Aimee Harrison to start my layout. I have a fun trick up my sleeve for all those wonderful, colorful, paper strips.
Note: I’m going to skip a lot of the detailed how-to scrap, please see our other tutorials & Quick Tips

My first change to the template is a background change.

I’m not loving my background. I want more color. I want more POP!

  • Drag the new texture layer above the Base Layer
  • Select the Paint Bucket tool
  • Choose color Hex #213483
  • Pour the paint on the Base Layer

I’m already a happy camper with this color! Let’s get that wonderful texture to show through.

  • Make sure you are on the newly recolored Base Layer
  • Change Blend Mode to Overlay

Now that the background looks great, the Messy Edge is definitely not great. We could recolor it, or just use our Blending Modes to well, blend it into the background.

  • Select the Messy Edge layer
  • Change the Blend Mode to Overlay

This particular template has a lot of Paper Layers. I’m using a mix of textures from the CU Textured Overlays Grab Bag by Manu Scraps and from the CU Paper Maker Bag by Zesty Designs & Manu Scraps. I’m also using a different method of adding texture to a solid Paper Layer.

  • Drag a texture above the Paper Layer
  • Create a Clipping Mask
  • Make sure you are on the New Texture Layer
  • Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light (or Overlay or Multiply)
    Tip: experiment with Blend Modes and changing the size/scale of your textures

This next part is super subjective, so feel free to mix it up! I dragged in and replaced the Foliage (or leaf) Layers with elements from CU Blooming Bag by Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes & Manu Scraps and CU Summer Bag by Carin Grobe Design & Manu Scraps.

  • Drag in new Leaf/Leaves
  • Resize as needed
  • Add Drop Shadows in the Layer Palette
    I used the Drop Shadows set in the template by Aimee Harrison

Your workflow may vary, but I was ready for butterflies & flowers! I absolutely fell in love with this butterfly (below) in the CU Summer Bag by Carin Grobe Design & Manu Scraps, so much so that I duplicated it, resize and added an extra one to my layout. I can’t wait to try recoloring this beauty!

As for the flowers. Well. Oh my! There are some truly fabulous packs in the Grab Bags. I went a little nuts. Here’s a list of the Grab Bags I plundered to beautify my layout.

With foliage, papers & flowers replaced it’s time to get down to the details. I’m almost finished! I’m loving all the colors in my layout. All this vibrancy on my screen is putting a big smile on my face. The last time I was super duper, amazingly happy was in Orlando. On my trip to Disney World & Universal Studios with Soren, Lindsay & Declan. This photo, of Declan having zero fear & Soren smiling so big, is one of my favorites of a perfect week.

  • I dragged in & resized my photo & clipped it to the Photo Layer
  • I turned off the Title Layer and added my own, in one of my favorite free fonts: Bohemian
  • I applied a simple stroke & drop shadow Layer Style to my new Title
  • I typed in the template text book to add my journaling, using another of my favorite free fonts: Another Typewriter
    Note: these fonts are free for personal use only

Phew! That’s pretty  much it. I just had to replace all the “other” elements types & add some personal touches. I fell in love with Manu Scraps charms years ago. I’m using three of her charms today.  I’m also finishing the layout with:

A quick list of the actual Grab Bags I found them in:

I am in love with this bright happy page! I’ve taken out my journaling, my date, title & photo and created a quick page for anyone loving the colors as much as I do. Just click to download & enjoy. It’s free!