Last night I was watching an old episode of Bones.  Tucked in my bed, warm, tired, my arm propped up on a pillow with a wonderfully soothing bag of ice over it.  At the footend of my bed were Tess & Dane.  Also tucked in, not very soothing.
After the opening salvo, the Bones Intro came on, for those of you not familiar with it, it’s a very upbeat, techno kind of overture,  and both of my youngest immediately jumped up and danced with an abandon commonly found at a rave.  I worry about their future.
After maybe five more minutes, Dane promptly fell asleep.  Though not before declaring “I’m that guy” once he saw Agent Booth (David Boreanz, who is aging rather well).  Tess, naturally, wants to be Bones.  I love that she wants to be a scientist and that, while Bones is pretty, Tess loves how smart she is and how she can figure stuff out.  Pretty is good.  Smart is awesome!
My Tess is, of course, pretty.  She is also smart.  And she is unique.  There is no doubting she comes from special stock.  Earlier this week my mom sent some extraordinary socks that just screamed “Tess” when she walked by them in at the mall. 
Please forgive the dirt.  Tess wore them three days straight before I thought to take a photo.

Toe Socks!