Ever have the absolute perfect light?  You can see it through the view finder on the camera.  You can see it just by looking around you.  And inside you are just bursting to take that perfect picture.  This happened to me this week.  Perfect light.  I so wanted the perfect picture.  For me the perfect picture is of my kids.  Tess was too far away, riding a horse, and Dane was being three.  That left Cole.
Still no perfect picture.


I wanted to strangle him.  That is the best face out of 20?  30?  It’s SOOC (straight out of the camera).  No tweaking, no actions.  Perfect light.  Sigh.  I can’t wait to embarrass him with this later in life. 
Cole is actually being a pretty awesome kid lately.  Still in the early throes of adolescence, but more good moments than bad.  And, since I’m sharing that lovely picture, and my complete feelings of frustration with him from that day, a little Cole brag… the boy is speaking beautiful German!  He sounds like a native to me.  I’m beyond impressed that after 1 1/2 years he’s doing so well.
Not just well, he brought home a 1,5 on his German paper (ie, English paper) this week.  Where 1 is the best he could possibly get.  They don’t hand them out often at all.  A quick rundown of the system here.  I’ve had to look it up more than once myself LOL.
1 (sehr gut, very good)
2 (gut, good)
3 (befriedigend, satisfactory)
4 (ausreichend, sufficient)
5 (mangelhaft, deficient)
6 (ungenügend, insufficient)