Today is day two of gorgeous sunny weather.  I think I will load the kids up on the bikes, also second day in a row, and buy some happy, blooming, annuals!
Yesterday we biked around in the fields behind our house.  The main paths are paved for the tractors, only once did we have to go ‘off-roading’.  It was still a tractor trail but very, very, very bumpy.  Downhill.  Muddy.  Definitely not paved.   After that Dane decided he’d rather run next to my bike, in his snowboots, instead of sitting in the bike trailer. I think it’s possible he may have been too rattled around.
We stopped at the top of the next hill over, right next to Tess’ stables (one riding lesson and they are her stables).  The kids dug around in the dirt, the grass, for treasure and I played with my camera.  I got some wonderful shots of the surroundings.  The kids, even our bikes.
It was one of those perfect, beautiful afternoons.