There is such a thing as the planets & the stars aligning.   It happened in my little world this weekend.  At the last minute absolutely everything came together and I was able to leave the kids in the very capable, amazing, hands of my neighbors… and run away with my husband for a short, crazy, perfect weekend in Naples, Italy.
Last minute wonders also equals close to no planning.  Any planning and organizing I did do all went towards my children.  Their comfort, their safety, their little bags.  I left for Naples with a backpack and a camera.  I had no clue on the customs, lay of the land, I hadn’t event brushed up on any basic phrases.   I had a fantastic adventure, a little scare and some romance 😀
On Saturday, soon after arrival, we rented a car (oh I so have much more on this, but that’s another post) and drove to Pompei.  A little side note here, I’m so embarrassed, but it must be told, I thought Pompei wasn’t real.  I thought it was like Atlantis.   A story of legends only.  Imagine not just my surprise but my total thrill to go to this ancient, historical site!
I wish I had a vocabularly to draw you in and describe Pompei in all its incredible detail.  Only bits & pieces of the city have been excavated, much has been lost, but here and there perfect pieces still exist all these thousand years later.  It is like walking into another world.  I felt if I could just turn my head fast enough the past would magically appear.  I am blessed with a rich imagination and I did feel, fleetingly, that I could see Pompei the way it was before Mount Vesuvius exploded and took it all away.
The joy I felt in being there was tripled, even quadrupled, to share it with my love.  It is not often it is just he & I.  Our six children are my life, my soul, my everything and sometimes they eclipse “us”.  Having this precious escape, no matter how short, reminded me how much, why, I love my husband.  I cannot wait to run away with him again some day soon.
So, now, you must wonder, who is this man in the picture with Toiny?  No, it is not David.  And no, Dane, it is not another daddy I found in Italy thankyouverymuch.  It is instead an icy-cool, super-refreshing, lemon juice vendor. A man who very appreciated my complete & total awe of the gigantic lemons found all outside the gates of Pompei. One who very happily posed with the crazy lady.
Yes.  It is a real lemon.  I so did the scratch & sniff test to double check.