Last weekend I stooded on the shores of Lake Como, my toes occassionally getting splashed by the glacial waters. It was on the bucket list, another one crossed off. I have no idea why it took me so long. Lake Como is only five hours from my house. Five magical breathtaking hours.

We shouldn’t have been there. We should’ve been home. Frantically scrubbing & cleaning & making up beds for the oncoming second wave of the invasion. Of family. For Tess. Because, she graduates in four days. Stop. I can’t. I’m not talking about this more. I think it’s the upcoming milestone for baby squirrel, as much as the awful last year, that whispered (screamed?) you need a break.

I did. Dave did. We needed to spend a weekend doing nothing but being with our kids. Enjoying the two of them together, even squabling, in the car, in an airbnb, on a lake in wonderful Italy. It’s not the last weekend we will have them. It’s not the last weekend we will be a family of four. But it is the last weeked we have two kids in school. We needed time to be with them, a break from, well, my break and a break from the horrible stress that is transitioning out of the Army and into civilian life.

Lake Como was on the bucket list. Lake Como is only five hours away. Airbnb had the most amazing home available. It was a win-win-WIN!  If you are ever lucky enough to be in Lake Como, or like us stationed in Europe/Germany, go to Lake Como! Stay at Villa Emma. Heck, if you can? Make a special trip halfway around the world for this. It is that spectacular.

Tess having her morning coffee in front of a masterpiece.

Dane enjoying the peace & beauty & quiet… but not his mom & her camera.

The amazing living room from another angle

The entry way

Books in our bedroom… from 1900!

Villa Emma (the pink one) photo taken from town

Downtown Argegno

Gelato in Argegno!

Walking the streets of Bellagio

Waiting for our hydrofoil, ferry boat, ride back to Argegno

Carvagnana, I think, across the lake from Argegno

Swiss Alps from the shores of Bellagio

Us. Photo by Tess