I’m going to admit that I know very little about hybrid.  What I do know is that it is a wonderful way to combine digital scrapbooking with hands-on (read glue!) crafts.  I first started digital scrapbooking because, like so many of you, I had little kids that could destroy a paper stash faster than I could blink.  But how I miss the glue.

I realize that can be read as a fetish to use glue improperly, and, in a way, I do use it improperly, but it’s not that kind of improper.  I just love glueing.  I love to glue with a lot of glue.  I love to get my fingers sticky.  I love to have it dry & then roll it off in little pieces.  I like making things stick together.

During our 4th-year birthday bash in September we had some amazing scrappers join in our Hybrid Artist competition.  Three of those have joined our CT team to form the all-new Hybrid CT.  They are already busy printing, glueing and creating away.  I’m in awe at their creations and I’m beyond excited at making some of these crafts myself with Tess.  I think at 10 Tess can finally be trusted to touch my paper stash again.

I’ve got a couple of amazing projects to show you, but I’m going to start with a simple one.  One that I think I could do myself.  Not that I was brave enough to try this myself, all the credit here goes to our Hybrid Designer Boop, and our Hybrid CT Crystal (digitalscrapfun).  I absolutely love how Crystal took two of Boops’ templates, our October Mega Kit: Farmers Market and made one awesome hostess gift I would love to receive!

Crystal used Boop’s Popcorn Wrapper Template:

Popcorn Wrapper Template

To create a very fun, personalized, hostess gift:

Crystal then used Boops Wide Handle Bag Template:

Wide Handle Bag Template

And add that little extra to make the gift truly special: