Beautiful day today.  This whole week has been fantastic.  Temperatures are down in the low 40’s (Fahrenheit).  The skies are crisp & clear.  The smell of fall is here, wood burning in fireplaces, pies baking, especially apple, and freshly plowed earth in the fields.  Speaking of freshly plowed earth… I’ve lived near farming before, but never where the farmers field is really an extension of my backyard, is midnight farming normal?  Or is this a German thing?

“Our” farmer has been up late this week.  Every morning there is another mountain of tubers (turnips, beets, rutabagas?) piled at the edges of the fields. We’re not sure what it is, but mountain is not exaggerating the size of the piles.  And by late, I mean 11pm, even later, late.  We can hear the tractors hum, the scraping of the blades pulling at the dirt, and see the spotlights shine from kilometers away, many times dancing on our ceiling when he is close.

Don’t get me wrong!  I’m not complaining.  I rather love it.  It is comforting to feel a part of our community in this small way.  I am rather curious if midnight farming is a worldwide thing, something I haven’t realized my whole life.  What a hard way of life.  I know I listen to them as I lie in bed.  I know I see them out again cruising the fields when I’m reluctantly up, driving the kids to school.  I know how much I love to eat, especially vegetables.

I’m more a veggie person than a fruit person.  I like the heartiness.  I love salt & butter on any veggie, not healthy, I know, but salt & butter on fruit would be so much worse.  Speaking of fruit, our apples are finally ready.  This year the crop is big.  Not just big as in a lot, but big as in HUGE apples.  Dane & I picked some this morning. I boosted him up in the tree, he picked and I put them in a basket.  Tess is out there now picking more.  I’m so ready to jam, sauce, preserve and bake!

Edit:  I baked Apple Crisp II from  Big hit!  Our apples are tart & this was yum (pssst and I did double the topping).

Picking Apples