In between gardening, running the store, and having our friends over for a bbq last night, I took the kids to the new park at Tess’ school. Once the sun starts shining and the nights stay bright just a little longer, they need outside time to burn off that extra energy. Especially Dane. That little man keeps going, and going, until he drops and falls asleep in the oddest places (on the tiles in my office is a particular favorite, weird because I have a couch & rug in here as well).

Tess is at an age where I can run her till she’s tired well before bedtime. This works for me because then I not only have someone to talk to, but also someone who is more than willing to stop and pose for pictures. The early spring light is so bright and clear, I love the airiness of the photos from our park day. I love how Tess crinkles her eyes when she is really happy and I love the slight smirk on her face. I know exactly why that smirk is there.

I promised that if she posed for pictures, while Dino played a little longer, we’d stop at the bakery on our way home. Fresh baked bread, cookies, or even donuts, are her favorite treat. Posing for pictures is also a favorite past time, so here you can see her getting her picture taken, knowing it’s being “paid” for in baked goods, knowing it’s completely win-win-win for her.