I should know by now that boys always go through a tree climbing phase, so why it surprised me to look out my office window Thursday and see Dane almost at eye level is beyond me. Since playing gargoyle for me, he’s tested out the apple trees and the cherry tree. As long as he doesn’t climb all the way to the top, I think my heart will be okay.

I actually debated which photo to post today, the one of Dane, my little monkey, or the one of my first-ever delivery pizza in Germany. I decided that the pizza pic, looked like, well pizza. And I’m really not a food photographer. But I so wanted to share & show off my vegetarian delight. See, what happened is, I finally felt confident enough to try out my German and order up pizza from the Italian place the next town over. Speaking a foreign language on the phone is much harder than speaking a foreign language in person.

Of course, yesterday, when I was really craving the pizza, was Friday. We do observe the no-meat on Friday fasting during Lent so I needed cheese and vegetarian pizza. The cheese one was easy. The vegetarian one, I thought was easy too. I told her to just put all the vegetables on it. I got my total, delivery time (30 minutes) and waited. It came hot & smelling so good just 35 minutes later! In these big, long, rectangular boxes I also took pictures of. Completely different & new & fun compared to American pizza.

The cheese one looked amazing, and the vegetarian too, but, um, also a little different? I’d expected classic pizza vegetables like onions, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes. What I got was: eggplant, zucchini, carrots, spinach, and brussel sprouts. Brussel Sprouts! I’m thinking my phone German still leaves a lot to be desired. Sigh.

FYI, that pizza was pretty darn fabulous!

Tree Climber