Spring is sort of a strange and magnificent interlude, isn’t it? It follows a cold, rainy, and sometimes gloomy winter, but hasn’t quite reached the point of bright and sunshiney-get out your squirtguns and dive into the swimming pool weather either. Flowers pop up out of nowhere (aren’t tulips stunning that way?), moss begins to creep along rocks and forest floors, and mushrooms poke their umbrella-heads out from cover of grass and shade.

Where I see summer as an active, vacation-packed, get-to-the-beach sort of season, spring in my mind is much more tempered, lazy almost. That’s why Karen’s new kit – Dreamin’ of Daisies – is so ideal for my spring photos. I seriously do take photos of mushrooms and moss, flowers and trees, just have a look below!


If I could catch a bumblebee in flight, I’d snap a photo of that too. Soft colors of pink and yellow and green are the perfect contrast for wildflowers and picnics alike. You can even add a little whimsy to your layout with the enchanted bumblebee and snoozing bunny rabbit included in the kit. Dreamin’ of Daisies is now on sale in Snickerdoodle Designs shop here at theStudio.

You can check it out by clicking on the preview below. If you’re pressed for time, or just love having a jumpstart on your layout, be sure to check out the border set that comes as an addon too. Or, snag the entire collection bundled.


Need a little inspiration? Check out this layout from the SnickerdoodleDesigns gallery here at theStudio.

layout 1

Last, but not least, here is your freebie to coordinate with Dreamin’ of Daisies(background paper not included). Have a lovely day, and thanks for stopping by!

freebie preview