Between the changes on the site, and the changes on the home front, it’s been an absolutely whirlwind two weeks. Luckily I thrive on excess energy and being spun about is my favorite state of being. That doesn’t mean I get everything right! Far from it. Not only have I not taken a picture in over a week, I have no idea where I put my camera. I feel lost without my camera.

I’m pretty sure that when Dave comes home and helps me look it will be back in my eager hands within five minutes, but right now. I’m lost. I am, however, taking advantage of my picture-less state to share my favorite photo of Cole. Ever.

This was taken in Milwaukee summer of 2004. Dear friends of ours got married and then held their reception at the local country club. It was absolutely beautiful, and to top it all off, Cole sat and had a quiet moment and my mother snapped this beautiful photo.

GQ Cole