For their new collab Unforgettable, Karen and Aimee (Snickerdoodle Designs and Aimee Harrison Design Studios) define Unforgettable as “Very special, beautiful, etc, and therefore difficult or impossible to forget.” What, or whom in your life is unforgettable, they ask?

I have to admit that I actually am quite forgetful myself (read ‘where did I put that bill that was due last week’ and ‘what time was my appointment again?’). But, all kidding aside, there are genuinely memories and people that we simply don’t ever forget. For Karen and Aimee, that unforgettable person was their mom, Trudy and Carolyn, and Unforgettable is dedicated to each of them.

I think you will agree, Unforgettable is a stunning kit! It features flowers such as orchids, dahlias, and daisies, as well as ribbons, beads, and bows, and of course buttons, frames, and other decorative elements to dress up a page. With a parasol, a phonograph, and an old clutch purse included in the element set, the kit has a very old-time feel that would be perfect for heritage layouts, if that’s your style.


I can of course describe Unforgettable in much more detail, but really, I think the best way to appreciate the kit is to see layouts done with it and posted in theStudio gallery. I’ve selected a couple (linked so you can leave a comment if you like) that I think are really well done and that I think will give you an idea of the kind of beautiful layouts you can make using this kit. See what you think. Be sure to scroll all the way down too because, as always, I’ve put together a freebie for you – this time a stacked paper.

From Retiredlady

layout 1

From Kedron308

layout 2


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