Every muscle in my body hurts.  Dave put on an “Amazing Race” event for his soldiers.  Since I’m the Amazing Race fan in our house, I volunteered to help.  This week my volunteer hours turned into a full-time job!

Coming up with stops wasn’t hard, typing up clues was a little harder, running the race to test it out?  That was hard.  Running it again on race day as official photographer?  Shoot me now.  I hurt everywhere.  Luckily, at the very end, we all met up at Sophies Brauhaus in downtown Stuttgart.  This is a must for anyone that loves beer, they brew their own on the premises (I recommend the maibock) or wants a little taste of Germany.  The food is delicious, the plates are huge and the atmosphere is classic German.

Because of changes in ideas and decisions made from on high, we changed venues at a a very late date.  I went into Sophies this Tuesday to ask if the 100 of us could be squeezed in on Friday.  The staff bent over backwards to help me, they were amazing on event day and I had a truly wonderful end to a pretty awesome race.

The very best part was the meter of beer served cold & perfect at our table.