While we are skipping the celebrations today, we  celebrated a little last Saturday.  Not that it was truly a happy  celebration, we are getting ready to say goodbye to our dear friends  Chip & Jamie as they head back to the states.  Mississippi has no  idea what’s coming their way.

We spent the day up on our “mountain” the Schlossberg (6,000 BC)  in Herrenberg.  Winding it up with a couple of drinks at the biergarten  just under the old castle. I love the history in Germany, almost as much  as I love the beer.  It was hot Saturday, but thunderstorms were  threatening just over the horizon, so while Dave, Chip, Emmett &   Jamie went back to the cars, Karen & I took the kids down the  mountain and to the train, hoping to beat the storm  home.

Of  course the kids found a spielplatz (playground) right under the castle  walls and couldn’t resist swinging from the monkey bars or racing down  the slide a couple times.  I couldn’t resist my camera and got some  beautiful snapshots in.  Luckily, despite the delay, we got to the train  station in time.  The last 100 yards home the rains started, but only  when we were all safely home did the sky really open and the storms  rattle our windows.

After dinner, as the kids were getting  their blankets & pillows to doggypile in front of the tv for a movie  marathon, we heard a scream.  You know the scream.  The one where  something is wrong.  All of us parents raced to the back of the house,  we must’ve looked like a roller derby team, all trying to be first in  our suddenly  narrow hallway.  We found Becca sitting on the floor, big  tears, no blood, holding her foot.

Big sigh of relief that  there was no blood, in fact there was really nothing.  And then I saw  it.  A thread poking out of her big toe.  A simple, skinny, thread.  A  thread that most definitely did not belong dangling out of her big toe.   A thread I recognized as previously dangling from a needle Tess had  been using to sew barbie clothes.  I pulled gently on the thread.  That  thread was going nowhere.

“We are going to the emergency  room.” I told Karen & Emmett.  Both looked at me like I was crazy.   No blood, a simple thread, emergency room? I explained that the thread  was attached to a needle.  And that the whole needle appeared to be  embedded in Becca’s big toe.  I think everyone got the willies at that  point.

We got Becca to the hospital, and were seen fairly  quickly.  Becca was a trooper the entire time!  X-ray’s soon proved my  worst fears true, the whole needle was in her toe, slid in just under  her toe bones.  It took the doctor over an hour to find it and get it  out.  Two stitches later, and we were on our way home.  Poor Becca is  hobbling around this week as her toe heals, but she has copies of the  x-ray to prove that once upon a time, she had a whole needle in her toe!