When I was growing up, my parents had a beautiful backyard. There was a giant willow tree that my Dad hung a tire swing from, and later a hammock. There were rose bushes, marigolds, and a life-size play house that my Dad built for my brothers and I to play in. My mother had a peach tree that produced tons of fruit each year. She’d collect as many peaches as she could handle and make peach jam, peach ice cream, and peach cobbler. And, growing along the fence, there were honeysuckle plants – big, beautiful honeysuckle plants.

My brothers and I spent many summer afternoons playing outdoors in our backyard – swinging in that hammock, sliding down the slip and slide, having tea parties in our playhouse. To this day, though, one of my fondest memories is of those honeysuckle plants.

When the plants were in full bloom, there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of honeysuckle flowers covering our back fence. How we figured this out, I don’t know, but we would sit out by the fence and pluck the flowers one by one from the bush. We’d pull the long strands (stamens?) out from the center of each flower and down at the bottom there would be a tiny sphere that, when touched to the tip of your tongue, tasted just like honey. We’d taste flower after flower off those honeysuckle plants. I can just imagine my mother looking out her back window wondering what was happening to all of her lovely bushes. I should tell her someday that it was me!

It’s times like these that I wish I had had the good sense (as an eight year old, mind you) to take photos of my memories. Oh how I would love to have a photo of my brothers and I eating those honeysuckle plants to scrap a layout with. I’d use the new kit, Honeysuckle and Honeybees from Snickerdoodle Designs. With sweet bears (I just LOVE Karen’s scrappy characters) and buzzing bumblebees, this kit is absolutely adorable!

You can find Honeysuckle and Honeybees here in Snickerdoodle Designs shop at theStudio on sale now for 30% off through July 31st. As always, you’ll also find a border/cluster set, solids, an alpha, and a glitter style set, also 30% off through July 31st. If you’d like the whole collection, it is 55% off through July 31st.

Here is some inspiration from theStudio gallery:

From Miss Pepper

From sailwemust (me!):

And as always, a little freebie for you.