Did you watch the olympics this year? I did. I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of watching sports on TV, but there’s just something about the olympics that changes that for me. I actually look forward to watching it every two years! The diving and gymnastics, cycling and track and field; and I love hearing the backstory on the athletes too. Knowing that this woman who is busting her way down the track has a college degree and gets her nails done and wears makeup and raises children is kind of cool, I think. That’s why I like Karen’s new collection, Sporty Sass.

Sporty Sass shows that girls can be athletic and enjoy sports, and still be frilly and feminine too. As Karen describes it, “It’s about playing baseball after polishing fingernails, and kicking soccer balls with enough force to make the boys envious.” The colors in this kit are just beautiful, and the denim theme throughout is a really nice touch.

You can find the Sporty Sass collection in Snickerdoodle Designs’ store here at theStudio, or by clicking on the preview below. Included in the collection is the pagekit, a dots and stripes paper collection, cardstocks, a monogram (alpha) set, clusters, stacked papers, and glitters (all 30% off now). Or, if you prefer the whole collection, you can find it bundled at 58% off now.

As always, I have a few layouts to share for inspiration, and a freebie for you to download as well.

From yorkiemom

From NancyP

And a cluster I made for you using the kit (click to download)

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