Yesterday was take II of the “Amazing Race” for my husbands soldiers. We’ve been working hard for the last month scouting locations in Stuttgart, finding new & exciting tasks for the soldiers and coordinating clues. I have enormous respect for the real Amazing Race producers and production teams.  It is hard enough to pull this off in one city, I can’t image the time & effort & personnel that goes into a worldwide adventure.

Yesterday started off beautiful with cool air and sunshine, but as the afternoon wore on it quickly became colder and rainy. The stunning Killesberg park, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, rapidly became not-so-much-my-favorite as first my fingers and then my toes turned unbearably cold.  I did manage to get my umbrella propped up high in some tree branches so I could stay dry underneath.  Something that none of the teams passing through had.  Big kudo’s to all of them for slugging through an entire race soaked to the bone.

On race day my job was to man Task 4, along with Dane’s music teacher. Kristin had graciously agreed to teach each team a traditional German folk song, complete with a little dance. Each team needed to perform the song, in German, and dance to Kristins satisfaction before receiving their next clue. There is absolutely nothing better than watching a bunch of Majors & Colonels hold hands and skip around in a circle.  Nothing.