I’ve spent this week working, and organizing paperwork for our upcoming move. When we first moved to Germany, with the Army, my dad burst out laughing, at my expense; “You will have to deal with both the bureaucracy of the military and of the germans.” This has proven beyond true on all levels this week. Moving is hard. Paperwork is harder.

In the meantime, fall is full swing here. The colors are breathtaking. Especially at our “new” house, please God let it be our new house. The new house is actually in the Black Forest. It is a half hour drive from our current home right on the edge of the black forest. Within 10 minutes of leaving here, we are in the black forest and it is awesome.

Awesome in every sense of the word. I’m literally awe struck with the beauty. Most of the trees are in their full autumn glory. The leaves vary from drab brown, leftover green to gorgeous yellows, warm oranges and brilliant reds. It is breathtaking. I especially love driving alongside the Nagold river. The contrast of the fall foliage and the soothing dark blue of the river is a moment away from life. All my worries fade from my head, I can’t focus on anything but the beauty before me. I have to go see the owners of the new house is this afternoon, and I’m leaving a little early with my camera for some much needed peace.

I’ve forgotten my camera every day this week, that right there defines the stress of moving & paperwork. I’m never without my camera. Usually. Luckily I have generous kids and Tess jumped right up from one-on-one time with Daddy to pose for a quick picture on the balcony. You can see even in this quick shot, 10 minutes ago, how gorgeous our fall colors are. Fall is definitely my favorite season.