My thoughts are everywhere today.  We meet with the bank tomorrow to see if we qualify for the home loan, then we need to figure out how to do an offer in Germany, in German.  I fall asleep these nights practicing German in my mind.  I’ve already has 3 long phone calls this morning, with school, with a friend, and with the bank, all in German all helping me reach my goal of a new house.  By Christmas. It overwhelms.

I woke up to the house smelling absolutely delicious.  I’d put an Italian Sausage soup in the crockpot late last night for a fundraiser on post.  Dave carted it away before I got up, before I could scoop out a bowl for breakfast.  It’s now just after 11 am, and all I want is that bowl of soup.  My house smells so good and my tummy is growling.  I’ve done my third load of laundry this morning, in the hopes that all the fresh smelling sheets hanging through the house will get the delicious soup smell out.  It’s a little too chilly to open all the windows, and fresh laundry smell is another big favorite of mine.  Plus, it doesn’t make me hungry.

Yesterday was my day to drive the girls. Our carpool has slowly expanded to 3, sometimes 4, giggling pre-teen girls.  And Dane.  Poor Dane.  Yesterday there was an awful lot of giggling and whooping and hollering.  Silly me tried to interject with a question (who’s house was girl “C” going to) and I was told not to talk.  I “nerve” (d).  Or rather annoyed them.  Three giggling loud girls in my car. And I annoyed.  Things are really not that different no matter where you go.

Here’s poor Dane on a happier ride last weekend, much happier than in my car with a gaggle of giggling girls (say that 10 times fast).