I got some absolutely beautiful fall pictures during our long weekend in Holland, but this one below tells the best story.  Each of the kids are in a different country: Tess is in Holland (the Netherlands, NL); Cole is in Germany, and Dane is in Belgium.  We took a little bit of a tourist break and went to the  Drielandenpunt (three country point) and climbed the big, super scary, tower to see far & wide.

The tower itself is new & much sturdier than the old, ramshackle wood one I last climbed with Soren 18 years ago.  However, the viewing balconies are all metal grates.  See-through, as in all the way to the bottom, metal grates.  Like I said, super scary.  I inched my toes out & wiggled onto the platforms so I could see & take photo’s…. much to the amusement of Dave & some total strangers.  However, there were quite a few tourists too scared to even do that!  I have to say, the view is breath-taking, especially in fall, and I highly recommend it to anyone.  If you have a fear of heights, like me, you can take the elevator up & see quite well from inside the tower without braving the metal grate balconies.

The park itself has expanded to be quite a tourist location.  It’s no longer just a tower, with just a view and the old 3-country marker.  It is also a fabulously fun labyrinth, big playground, pub, restaurant, coffee & cakes as well as amazing walking, horse and bike paths.  I realize it’s my country but it is an incredibly beautiful part of the world.  Well worth a visit.