On Sunday we ran out of tape.  A pretty big deal when you are stuffing all your worldly possessions into boxes.  Boxes that are going to be driven through snow, sleet & rain to a brandnew (to us) house thirty minutes away.  I really needed tape!  Luckily I also needed a break, and thankfully we are close enough to post to do a quick drive over. Double thankfully… the PX on post is open on Sundays!

I also didn’t feel like cooking. I’ve been working hard to eat only the food in house, less to move that way, and we were all tired of canned fruits, veggies, packaged rices & potatoes and mystery meat out of the freezer.  Stuff that normally tastes pretty awesome when planned as part of a cohesive meal is just not as yummy when randomly mixed.  I’m a little confused on how the Top Chef and Iron Chef contestants make weird food combinations work, because, for me, it’s not working.  Thankfully the PX also comes with a food court.  Maybe not the most nutritious meal, but definitely food I didn’t have to cook, and definitely flavors that go together.

Added bonus?  Santa was there!  Surprisingly, only the big kids were thrilled.  Dane was, shall we say, less than thrilled.  My chatterbox went quiet and hid behind me.  He wasn’t about to go sit on Santa’s lap and ask for anything.  In fact, he was ready to get nothing for Christmas.  And then, for the first time in a long time, Cole went sweet.  He got down to Dane’s level, talked gently to him, then picked him up & carried him to Santa.  Dane still didn’t talk to Santa but he did let Cole put him on Santa’s lap… as long as Cole stood right there to protect him!

Sometimes running out of tape is a very good thing.