Dane is five.  I’ve always said, with all six kids, that five is my least favorite age.  Throw in a big move, and five is really turning me upside down on a daily basis.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for him to be away from his school, his friends, his house and at the I-do-it-myself stage.  All the do-it-myself has been taken from him.  I’m working hard to give him back control over his own little life, and make both our days easier.

Unfortunately, part of giving him back control includes enforcing consequences.   He had a very rude attitude at his new school, and compounded it with his little fists.  I am very aware he needs to express his frustrations, but hitting is not okay.  Luckily it has snowed here.  It has snowed a lot!  I channeled his not-so-pent-up rage into a snow shovelling chore.   We’ve got an adorable older couple right next door, with a very long, extra wide driveway.  They could definitely use the help, and Dane needed to blow off steam before we could both talk calmly.

FYI, the punishment worked like a charm, and after snow shovelling we had a fantastic afternoon!  However, that does not take away his anger at the very beginning.