With new houses, come new schools.  Dane especially was very anti-new school.  He knew he would hate it.  He knew he would hate the kids.  He would hate the teachers.  He would hate the garten.  There was an awful lot of hate & anger in that little body.  Then we went for a visit.

The second he stepped into the door and was greeted by several teachers and students, his little body visibly relaxed.  We took off our hats & coats, and hung them on racks just like at the old school.  We swapped our shoes for hausschuhe (slippers), just like at the old school. With a little more confidence, and a little less clinging, we followed the teacher into the first room.  There was a kitchen-ecke (corner), a bau-ecke, a clay-ecke, a draw-ecke, a reading-ecke; just like at the old school.  There was a turnhalle (gym) just like at the old school.  A little smaller, but filled with foam-blocks.  Cooler than the old school!

But what really won him over was the garten.  This garten, the new garten, was filled with different play areas.  With different slides (two!) swings, sandboxes, balancing beams and climbing racks.  His whole face lit up and I knew it would be okay.