Dane is having a hard time integrating into the new kindy.  It weighs me down and hurts my heart.  It is a very small village, all the kids have known each other since birth. Probably before.  I imagine them high-fiving through their mothers wombs.  It’s hard to break into this tough crowd.

Thankfully he still loves school.  He loves going, he loves playing outside (it has a fantabulous garden, with tons more toys & equipment), he loves his teachers. He just wishes, every single day, that his old friends, that liked him, could go there too. Dave & I are both spending a lot of time talking to him, reaffirming that he’s lovable and a great kid.  We are encouraging him to keep his hands to himself and to use his words.  We are trying to teach him to kill them with kindness.  Very slowly, almost unnoticeably, it’s having an effect.

Wednesday night I stayed up late baking cupcakes for him to take on Valentine’s day.  I know from experience that the difference between German baked goods, and American, is vast. I hope a little sugar, okay, okay, a lot of sugar, would win Dane some friends.

I used the Pillsbury Valentine Funfetti mix.  I figured the extra candy bits mixed into the dough would ooh & aah them.  I also bought the Pillsbury Easy Frost icing dispensers, complete with icing tips, and sprinkles for the kids to sprinkle on.  I got to school early, with Dane in tow, to explain “cupcakes”, “icing” and “decorating”. Both teachers nodded their heads that they understood.

A couple hours later I returned to find kids leaving with their treasures, pointing out the red polkadots in their muffins to moms, dads & grandparents.  Not a frosted cupcake to be seen.  The afternoon teacher met me at the classroom door;

“Frau VestberrY”… it does not work.  And, indeed, they had tried everything but hold it upside down & push on the tip to dispense the icing.  Luckily there were a couple of kids and moms still there, listening with great interest, and I quickly frosted some cupcakes in the hall.  I felt a little like Merlin dispensing magic from a very fat wand.

I think my plan worked, we left with more smiles, more waves, more goodbye’s.  Next week my plan is to get Dane a playdate.  We will make a friend!