It has been craziness over here.  Craziness that finally ended around midnight last night when we got home from our last night at fest (Frühlingsfest).  We had a big change-of-command here at the Stuttgart Garrison. That requires the official pomp & circumstance ceremonies, as well as the unofficial meet & greets.  I’ve smiled, made small talk, and promised BBQ’s to way too many people.  For now, I’ve got peace, quiet and my computer calling my name.

The very best part of this past week was Drowning Pool.  I am an unapologetic heavy metal fan.  I just like it loud & crazy.  It might also explain my six kids.  It seems like more than coincidence. Drowning Pool came to Stuttgart as part of the USO Tour to the troops.  I am forever grateful to the USO’s efforts to keep our spirits up.  It means the world to know we still matter when so many benefits are being cut.  Thank you.

Our last, big, free, treat had been Cirque Dreams.  A treat I waited almost an hour, in the freezing cold, to get tickets for.  Knowing how many people went to that, I went very early to the Drowning Pool “line”.  There wasn’t a line!  Heavy metal on a school night = no huge, pushing throng!  Even better, we got to go inside & watch rehearsal….and meet the band. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

These guys impressed the heck out of me.  They were kind, friendly, well-mannered and so patient as they posed for pictures and let the kids (Cole & his friends) & one mom (me) beg for more and for autographs.  Later CJ (bassist not pictured here) even joined us for pulled-pork sandwiches out front.  It does not get much better than that.

It did get a little better for Tess. She was singled out late in the concert to get a drumstick from drummer Mike Luce!  After the concert all the guys signed it for her.  She has a worse case of stars in her eyes than Marcia Brady ever did for Davy Jones.