Two weeks ago,  we talked about Preferences: Units & Rulers. Today, I want to continue the theme of “preferences,” focusing on preferences in our Workspace.

Did you know that you are not “stuck” with the Workspace that Photoshop comes with? You can create your own customized workspace, according to your preferences and needs!  There are just a few simple steps to make this happen.

I am using Photoshop CS6.  You can set up your Workspace in most versions of Photoshop is a similar manner.  Photoshop Elements users do not have the option to change their Workspace, but can set individual preferences for certain tools.

1. Open Photoshop

2. At the top menu bar, click on Window.  In the drop-down menu, tick all of the panels that you would like to have readily available in your Workspace.


3. Next, go back up to Window > Workspace  In the Fly-Out Menu you will see “New Workspace” toward the bottom of the list. Click on that.


4.  A Window will open, which will allow you to name your new space whatever you like!


5.  Click “Save,” and you’re finished!

You can have as many Workspaces as you like.  Did you notice (in the first screenshot) that I have 3:  Karen, Karen’s Fav Space, and Karen’s New Space.  I could delete any space I choose, and probably should delete the first 2, because I never use them anymore.  Let’s go delete at least one of them.

To delete a Workspace the only thing you need to remember is that you cannot delete a Workspace that you currently have open. I currently have “Karen’s New Space” open (or active) in Photoshop. I can tell that by the checkmark next to the name of the Workspace.  I cannot delete that space right now, but I can delete “Karen” and/or “Karen’s Fav Space.”  Let’s delete “Karen,” as that is my oldest Workspace version.


Go back up to Window > Workspace, and in the Fly-Out Menu scroll down to “Delete Workspace.” Click on that.


In the Drop-Down Box, highlight the Workspace you want to delete. I will highlight “Karen,” then click on Delete. And that’s it. That Workspace is gone!


CS6 has some awesome Workspaces built into the program.  If you have this version of Photoshop, take a few minutes to check out the Motion, Painting, Photography, and Typography Workspaces.  They have just the tools you need, and nothing more, to work on those specialized projects.  A “clean” workspace is a really great thing to have!  I just wish it was that easy to clean up my desk workspace.


It’s not ALWAYS this messy! 😉

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