My beautiful boy turned six this week.  Six.  It is bittersweet for me because I know he is my last, my youngest, my baby and he’s already heading into big boy territory.  His wingman, Christian, also had a very big birthday and turned 21.  How?  How did this happen?  Why are my boys so big?

I had a wonderful Skype with Christian.  He’s still training in his MOS school out in California (he’s a Marine, MOS school = job specific basically).  Skype is the best invention ever.  Hands down.  Seeing his smile is almost as good as having him here.  The only bad part is it’s much harder to hide the tears when your face is on camera.  I think I did a good job though, he hung up with a big, beautiful grin on his face.  God I miss my boy.

Dane had a fantabulous birthday!  He’s really been struggling to fit in at his new kindergarten, and the rainbow cupcakes we baked (gotta love pinterest!) turned out letter perfect & paved the way for some new friendships.  Bonus! They were super fun to make, even Dave got in the fun. At school, Dane received a birthday crown, a big “I’m 6” necklace, and he a book from his teacher all about how he’s a big boy now.  Sniff.

On his birthday we also got a letter from school detailing next-steps in his transition to elementary school, and first grade.  Quick recap, here kindergarten is three years; from 3-to-6.  Then they switch schools to Grundschule (elementary school) for four years.  The best part is they really work hard to acclimated the kids to the new school.  Since the New Year the Riesenkinder (giant kids, LOL) have been going to the Grundschule every other week.  First to look around, then to do a fun activity with their mentors (Tess’ class!), and now it’s time for the next step.  Each Riesenkind will spend a full day at the Grundschule.  They are doing it in small groups of 3-4 kindergartens, and they will spend a full day integrated in the normal lessons with this years first graders.  What a thoughtful, fantastic way to break in the new school.  Especially for a kid like Dane, who struggles with transitions, this is a God send.

In the meantime, I didn’t get a single good photo of Dane on his birthday.  It was way too exciting for him to sit still.  He’s really not a sit still kind-of-guy. This picture is from Karens’ (SnickerdoodleDesigns) visit early this month.  I think it illustrates his energy perfectly.  Taken at the amazing Benedictine Monastery in Hirsau.