When I was growing up, I found it difficult to be unique.  I wanted to be just like everyone else.  Being unique meant being different. And that wasn’t something I wanted to be. One  day I came across a quote that impacted me when I read it, and it has affected me for the rest of my life.  I don’t know who said it, or even if I am quoting it correctly after all this time. But  I remember the message:

“If you are just like everyone else, what do we need you for?”

 That quote gave me “permission” to be myself. To be happy with who I am. To embrace both my good points and my foibles. It’s a good thing not to be like everyone else.  It’s a good thing to just be yourself. Fast forward to 2013.  Jill (Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes) and I started talking about combining our efforts to create a mixed-media kit.  Jill is an amazing commercial-use designer.  She works with fabrics, papers, inks and paints.  She tosses beads and glitter and netting and pretty much anything she can think of into the mix.  The results?  Amazing and *unique* products!   I have been captivated with Jill’s work and knew I wanted to collaborate with her on this project. As we were considering a theme and the statement we wanted to make with this kit, we both felt very strongly that we wanted it to be unique. We wanted it to compel someone to create scrapbook pages not only in their usual style and comfort zone; but also, perhaps, to take a step outside of their comfort zone and explore a unique part of their creativity they may not have touched before.   “Uniquely You” is a result of our efforts. In “Uniquely You {in Color}” we have used bold, vibrant colors to create a sense of fun and energy.  Being cognizant of the fact that, for some of us, subdued colors are part of our unique preferences, we also created “Uniquely You {in Black & White}.”  Each kit comes with their own unique papers and elements.  We also have a plethora of other Extras for you to use, to help express your unique abilities, personality, and maybe even your endearing quirks. Because Jill is a Commercial-Use Designer, and “Uniquely You” is a Personal Use product, you will only find it in my SnickerdoodleDesigns personal use store.  However, many of the commercial-use papers used in this collection can be found in Jill’s Commercial Use store, while other papers are yet to be released. You will find the Uniquely You products with Introductory Pricing, through June 22nd, offering a savings of 30% on individual products.  Two Bundled Collections are also available at a savings of 42% and 51% respectively. Be sure you are signed up for theStudio’s newsletter, which will contain a “Uniquely You” cluster gift on Saturday, June 8th.  For today, just scroll to the end of this post to download a cluster from Jill and I! 




And just click on the image below to download this *unique* cluster that Kabra, a member of my Creative Team, created for you!

***Download No Longer Available***