Tools: Adobe CS5; SweetMades Borders and trims NL-freebie
In today’s CU-only Newsletter Aneta, SweetMade, provides a wonderful three-part border and trim freebie.  Besides making fabulous borders, trims, and frames with these files you can also quickly turn a plain paper into a patterned paper.

Let’s get started:

  • Open photoshop
  • Open Aneta’s border and trim freebie: sm_Borders_nd_trims_sample1 (1).png
  • Click Edit –>  Define Pattern


Now open your new paper document:
  • Create a new document (12″X12″, 300dpi)
  • Click the paint bucket icon & floodfill your background (I choose green #b0d588)
  • Again click the paint bucket icon in your sidebar; then
  • In your menu bar, change the mode from Foreground to Pattern
    Be sure to pick the very last pattern available
  • Add a new layer in your layer palette
  • Fill the new layer with the paintbucket
Adjust your blend modes in the Layer Palette to get a look unique to your paper.  I again went simple:
  • First, place a texture as your final layer
  • For my texture I choose Blend Mode: Overlay
  • For my new pattern created from Aneta’s border and trim freebie: sm_Borders_nd_trims_sample1 (1).png I choose Blend Mode: Divide
    I reduced the fill to 76% to get the subtle look I wanted
  • As always, be sure you are on the correct layer when changing your blend modes:



theStudio Owner