Last week we took a look at the Pencil Tool, a Photoshop tool that I hadn’t paid much attention to in the past.  From your feedback, many of you hadn’t either. If you missed that blog post you will find it here, The Pencil Tool in Photoshop.

I found it fun to explore what I considered a rather obscure tool; so this week, as I worked, I paid close attention to options in Photoshop to see what else I was missing.  And I found something; the “Again” command.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I am using Photoshop CS6.

The Again command is contained with the Transform options.  We find it by going to:  Edit > Transform > Again


When I have used the Transform Tool, my eyes have always just skipped over the Again option, eager to get to the transform command that I was looking for. So I decided to see what it could do.

It’s really very simple.  The Again command simply repeats the previous Transform command.

I found this really  helpful as I was creating a Quick Page this week.

Here is a background paper from my newest kit Rise and Shine, along with a frame from the same kit.  I have tilted the frame manually to the angle that I wanted.  (Edit > Transform > Free Transform).


I then brought in a cluster, created by Charne, a member of my creative team, and dropped it at the bottom of the frame.


I would like the cluster tilted at the same angle as the frame.  I could do this manually, but it’s much easier to use the Edit > Transform > Again tool. Now I know it’s exactly right.

I next brought in a word-byte from the Rise and Shine Inspirational Word Bytes and Tags.  By using “Again,” I was assured that the word-byte would be perfectly aligned with the tilt of the frame.  Although this exactness isn’t necessarily as critical with the cluster, I believe it is for the word-byte.  It would be difficult to match angles exactly without the Again tool. I like that the word-byte and the edge of the frame perfectly match in their angles; this offers a very pleasing look.


I added a sun and light flare behind the frame, and had this Quick Page finished in just minutes.

You may download this Quick Page by clicking HERE.  

***Download No Longer Available***

A simple tool, but one that I think I will find a lot of use for, now that I’ve brought it into my own Tool Box! I hope you will too!

Photoshop Elements Users:  This is not an available Tool in PSE (unless it is in PSE12, which I have not looked at yet).