I am a photo junkie.  It is a rare occasion that I leave my camera tucked away in its padded little bag. I love reminders of my happy  moments.  I really love photographic reminders of my happy  moments.  Thankfully my kids are great sports and almost always indulge my need to snap their picture.

That does not mean they cooperate and do exactly what I say.  In the past this caused me to stomp & pout & even yell.  During my happy moments.  And then I realized how truly blessed I am, not only are my kids in front of my camera, they are in front of my camera being themselves.  This is who they are & I will always be able to remember them on this day, just like that.

This day was our first day in North Carolina last week.  I was anxious to get some photo’s of the kids together and afraid that I wouldn’t have the opportunity again.  Before we’d even gotten to my parents house, still in the car after our long flights, the phones had started ringing:

“Is Tessa there?”
“Is Cole there?”
“Can Dane play?”

Our friends had missed us & playdates piled up left & right.  I didn’t even give Cole time to eat breakfast or brush his hair, I hustled my kids outside for a photoshoot as soon as everyone was up & no longer groggy.

The thing is, they were all so happy to be together, so happy to see Christian again, that I almost couldn’t take a bad photo.  This one is my favorite.  This one is my kids.