My kids, like many kids, love to dress-up and pretend. When the big boys were little (now 22, 23 & 24), dress-up was fine by me… at home.  Out in public I insisted they wear normal clothes like jean, shorts, t-shirts.  If they were lucky t-shirts with Scooby-Doo or Superman.  If they were lucky. I was a mean mom back then.

When Dino came along, I was a seasoned mom.  I knew happy kids = happy mom. I learned to pick my battles.  While normal clothes are still required for church, school and dinners out, it’s pretty much anything-goes on our daily routine.  Dane has reveled in manifesting his active imagination through dress-up.

These days I’m frequently escorting Harry Potter through the grocery store, our town or really just about anywhere we go.  Earlier this week his much-desired wand came in from China.  Silly me took a picture almost immediately.  Hours after this photo Harry’s scar made its first appearance (reminiscent of Dane’s The Last Airbender phase).  I’m only waiting for Harry’s robes to come in from China as well, then I’ll take a new photo.