Labor Day Sale

Happy Long Weekend!

The timing couldn’t be better.  I still need to decompress from my vacation… and our house has a couple Honey Do chores for us as well.  I think, maybe, the weather is cooperating and we’ll get to grill too.  I’m ready!

Have I mentioned “grillfackeln“? This is bacon-on-a-stick. But so much better than bacon-on-a-stick. We barbeque this every summer, many times every summer, until grill season is official over & there are no more grillfackeln in the stores.  It is almost the end of grillfackeln season.  I think I’m due for a double helping.

It is Monday! Since Friday, both Personal Use and Commercial Use have been on sale! Today it is the big day.  Today it is 50% Off storewide today.

What are your plans for today?  Do you have a Honey Do of your own?  BBQ?  Travel plans? Share in the comments!