Did you know that the tradition of pinching someone if they are not wearing green is American? It’s not Irish at all! I imagine it came about in a bar, some drunk dudes on a St. Paddy’s day bender. I can hear them talking now…

“If you wear green, you are invisible to leprechauns!”
“No way!”
“But. Why?”
“Because if you aren’t invisible they can SEE you! And if they can see you, they’ll pinch you. Leprechauns are mean dude!”

And so because of those two drunken dudes, we now all wear green to avoiding being pinched on St. Patrick’s day. Not Irish at all…. or is it?

Regardless of why, we at the Studio are so here for it. Green is a fabulous color!  It’s a color many of us use on almost every page. After all, we love leaves & flowers! Even more, green goes with everything. There isn’t a color I wouldn’t wear with green. Prove me wrong LOL!

Just to be safe, we are encouraging all our members to wear green this St. Patricks Day (March 17, 2022) in our forum. Join our March 2022 Avatar Challenge & escape the dreaded {virtual} pinch. It’s free, fun & fabulous! Our favorite pick for dressing up our Avatar in the Irish spirit is the magical, and leprechaun-forward, Good Luck by JB Studio & Paty Greif ☘️

This week our entire stable of green is on sale for at least 30% Off. It’s all the different shades & all the different themes that truly make this a not-miss sale! From some of our newest greens, Flora Blast by Laitha Art Studio & Rhythmn of Silence by Synanu Designs, to St. Patrick Days classics like #2022 March by Connie Prince & Lucky Day by Jen Maddocks Designs. Or every day greens such as Beautiful Reasons by Cheré Kay Designs, Everyday Moments by Tami Miller Designs and even Mango Lime by the Studio Team! It’s all on sale & all fabulously green.

As always, shop the Studio, earn points and pick up our weekly FWP (Free with Purchase) when you spend $10.

March 2022: Seedlings

Spring is arriving and we’re planting our Seedlings! In containers and on windowsills, the wee little plants are just starting to grow towards the light. It’s amazing how much sweet delight a tender little seedling can bring as it grows.

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