I have found my camera battery (Hot & Smokey)!  Thank you for all the kind notes of understanding & suggestions for places to look.  One of you may very well have been right, but Dave found it. Not me.  I have no idea where & he’s not telling.

As soon as my girl friend heard the news she begged me for a favor.  Would I please take Fall photo’s of her kids.  Like I did last year of mine (Fall Family Picture Day).  I readily agreed because: 1) I needed a break; 2) my kids needed new photo’s too; 3) it was the last day of good weather; 4) I had my camera battery!

Sunday afternoon, a good hour before “golden hour”, we bullied our kids out of the house and into the woods.  Her kids were mad at her, my kids were mad at me, we just swapped kids and everyone was happy.  All of the kids wanted their photo’s taken.  All. Of. Them.

There was fighting amongst the five of whose turn it was. I cannot tell you how many blurry photo’s are on my camera of kids jumping around, pushing each other, making bunny ears & being over all goofy.  I can tell you it’s over a hundred. I’m not kidding.

The thing is, with the amazing light, our gorgeous woods, and cooperative kids (5!) I got beautiful photo’s of each & every one of them. More than one of each of them (except Dane, he was cooperative but wriggly, my camera hates wriggly).  I am having the hardest time picking just one to blow up & put on canvas.  My girl friend is having an even harder time, I got good shots of not only each kid but also both of them together.

I treasure the ones of Cole the most.  He rarely cooperates: “Mom! Stahp!” is much more common.  This time, he cooperated to the point of camera hogging.  They are almost all serious, he wanted dramatic and serious, and with his guitar.

The best part?  When he took out the guitar and played while the rest of the crew posed. Being serenaded in the woods is one of my top five happy moments.