I change my mind.  A lot.  And about a lot of different things, including digital scrapbooking projects.  I was chatting with one of my Creative Team Members, Renee, the other day, and she admitted to doing the same thing.

Here is a beautiful cluster that Renee created using Round Robin Week 1 Fly Away Home.  Notice that there are 4 layers that Renee changed her mind on. She clicked on the eyeball to the left of the layer to make that layer invisible.


Although the layers are invisible, they will still add to the file size when saved as a PSD or TIFF file.

This particular file, when saved as a PSD, just as you see it above, is 101 MB.  When I removed the layers that were invisible, the file size was 92.5 MB.  That is a difference of 8.5 MB.  Perhaps not a huge amount, but 1) there are only 4 invisible layers in this cluster, and 2) consider how that would add up in multiple files!

We want to conserve our hard drive space, so let’s remove those invisible layers before saving our PSD or TIFF files.  There are several ways to do that:

1. Click on the layers you want to delete and drag them to the Trash Can at the bottom of the Layers Panel. To select multiple layers, click on the first layer you want to delete, hold down the Control key, and click on the rest of the layers you would like to delete.  To select multiple layers that are adjacent to one another, click on the top layer, click and hold the Shift key, and click on the last layer.


2.  You can also select the layer you would like to delete (invisible or not), and then click the Trash Can icon, rather than dragging the layers to it.  This is easier than dragging the layers, I think.

3. If a lot of layers have been turned off, it can be tedious to select them all. A faster way to delete multiple invisible layers is to go to Menu Bar at the top of the screen > Layer > Delete > Hidden Layers.


Photoshop Elements Users:

1. In Method 1 above, you will drag layers up to the top of the Layers Panel, where your Trash Can is located.

2. Method 2 works exactly the same as in Photoshop.

3. Method 3 is not available in Photoshop Elements.

If you  haven’t been deleting invisible layers, why not start now?  It might even be worth your time to go back through your files and delete any blank layers you have in order to recapture some hard drive space!

Renee has graciously allowed me to share her beautiful cluster with you!  Just click on the image below to download!


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Karen Schulz/SnickerdoodleDesigns