On Saturday Dave & I skipped the Army ball to see Dane in his BIG performance at his schulfest (school party).  I’d missed his performance at the beginning of year because, apparently, I cannot read German well enough to get the day right. Or I couldn’t then, I can now.  Still, me missing his first performance, and his part this time being a much bigger part, Dane was a bundle of nerves.

He couldn’t go to sleep Friday night. I heard him singing, in African, till well after 11 pm.  By 7 am he was up & ready to go. Sadly, even the last rehearsal didn’t start till afternoon so he had some time to kill.  With tired eyes, but a very wide awake spirit, I took Dane to run errands with me and buy him a brandnew, brightly-colored, shirt to wear to the performance.

The whole school (all 40 of them) had been studying Africa for weeks.  They learned about the different cultures, foods and musical influences.  As part of their performance, they were asked to dress in bright, African colors.  Something not that easy to find in Germany. Let alone last minute, hours before the performance.  But he was very happy with the shirt we did find and I think he looked perfectly handsome.

Dave brought him to the dress rehearsal, poor kid was practically shaking with excitement and nervousness. Dave said he asked at least five times if we would be there. My mommy heart broke just a little that my missing that performance last September weighed so heavy on my little guy.

We got there with 10 minutes to spare, thank goodness. Dane was on the front bench, craning his neck around all the parents, desperate to spot us.  The look of relief on his face was almost tangible when he saw us.

His was the first group to take the stage, Dane up on the big drums (his grandfather will be so proud, “papa” having been a drummer his whole life).  The boys, and one girl, played several songs on the drums and sang along in African.  Dane did perfectly!  He’d memorized every beat, every word, and played it pitch-perfect.

Afterwards he just glowed with pride, almost as much as his mom & dad.  It was 1000% worth missing the Army ball.

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