Double Points!

It’s a DOUBLE POINTS weekend at the Studio, but what exactly does that mean?  What are points, and how are they a good thing for you?

Remember the old Yogi Berra quote? Money is as good as cash.? At the Studio, points are as good as cash.  Here is how it works:

  • You shop (points are earned & spent on everything but Daily Deals, Grab Bags, Mini Value Packs)
  • Every dollar you spend earns you 5% cash back in points
  • This weekend only, every dollar you spend earns 10% cash back in points

You can save your points for a big purchase, or get a little off every time you shop.  It’s up to YOU!

You can check your points balance by clicking on My Account in the top menu bar, drop down My Points.  You can see what my points look like when I login, just follow the pretty pink arrows:


When I go to checkout, under  Order Summary (on the right side of my checkout screen), I can add in as many points as I want.  As soon as I click in the Points box and type in the amount of Points I want to use, they are applied to my order.


That’s it. It’s that quick.  That easy.  Even better?  You continue earning points on new purchases! If you have more questions, check out our FAQ.