I can’t find a starting point! I have so much to share, so much to write down, and quickly! Before I lose my memories, my experiences, the absolute happiness of getting my dream vacation. A real vacation.  Not a quick break over a weekend, or a long weekend, my laptop tucked in my bag, frantically fitting in work between fun & laughter with family and friends.  A real vacation. Time off. Joy. Happiness.

Sunday morning, at 2 am, we pulled into our driveway tired, happy, dirty after a whole 10 days away exploring the world.  The week before we’d loaded Veronica with all our stuffs (clothes, toys, sewing machine and lots of food) and drove off to our biggest adventure yet.  Norway.

Since coming to Germany, Norway had been my dream.  Every picture I’ve ever seen just called to my soul.  Other peoples adventures streaming through my facebook feed caused intense longing, but Norway was far.  And expensive.  After years of planning, and saving, I finally got to go!  It was everything, more than everything, I’ve ever dreamed.

You would think, with all my planning, dreaming and research, I would’ve known Norway was one big mountain range. I did not.  I was surprised.  Happily surprised, and overwhelmed by the beauty at every stop, turn, breath I took.  For me, Norway is the most beautiful place on earth.  I still cannot overcome my inner amazement and joy.  I am still basking in Norways beauty now at home, both in my mind and from the 1,000+ plus spectacular pictures on my computer.  I cannot wait to go back.